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German translation of the Declaration of Freedom
Italian translation of the Declaration of Freedom

declaration of freedom

You are free to explore a completely different way of living and seeing. You are free to meet the wholeness of life and put aside your fear. You don’t need to think as others think, or live as others want you to live. Be free, and life will unfold in ways you could never have imagined.

Don’t be afraid that you might not succeed. Failure and success exist only in imagination. Act from love, and your actions will be their own fulfilment, their own reward. Allow yourself the freedom to draw breath and simply be.

You do not need riches to live a rich life. Nor do you need status, for it is based on empty comparisons. Appreciate the wealth you have – your health, your loved ones, the miracle of being alive. Be free of the habitual desire for ‘more’.

Don’t limit your thinking with beliefs. You believe because you want to be certain, but letting go of certainty gives you freedom to discover the new. Look beyond the boundaries of knowledge, for it is only a trace of what has been and gone. The nets of knowledge and belief cannot catch the ocean of life.

You are free to question what others have said, even in books that are held to be sacred. Understanding comes through learning and insight, through compassion, through seeing beyond self-interest – not through the repetition of words. Learn from everyone you meet, from everything you experience. The greatness of life cannot be folded between the pages of a book.

In relationship, be free of divisions between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Whatever our nationality, race or religion, each of us shares a common humanity. Similarly, question the lines you draw between ‘mine’ and ‘not mine’, ‘me’ and ‘you’. Your life is all that you see and touch, and everything you say and do makes a difference in the world.

We share responsibility for the world, with its conflicts and its promise of freedom. Inquire deeply, so that through self-awareness you end the confusion from which conflict arises. Question the way you are living now, and have the courage to follow your heart. The more we are free in our own lives, the greater the freedom we endow to our families, to our communities, and so to all humanity.

© Martin Hawes and Steve Ruben 2008